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Providing a clean, aesthetically pleasing bathroom for your employees, customers, and guests is very important. You're going to find all of the bathroom accessories you need at Thorsrud Supply Co. Inc.


Our Bradley Washroom Accessories are high quality and durable so you can count on them to stand up to the test of time and usage. Come in today and check out our washroom collections and vanities.


Our experience counts for a lot

For more than 40 years, our team has been working with you and making sure you're always more than satisfied. Our guys have seen it all and handled it all with professionalism and ease. Let us help you with all of your supply needs when you stop by today.

 •  Toilet tissue holders, towel bars, holders, hooks, rings, and shelves

 •  Baby changing stations and waste receptacles

 •  Cabinets, mirrors, soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towel dispensers

 •  Detention center accessories

 •  Electric dryers and facial tissue dispensers

 •  Grab bars and multi-purpose units

 •  Napkin and tampon vendors and disposals, seat cover dispensers, and wall boxes

 •  Shower curtains, shower rods, and shower seats

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Explore our huge selection of Bradley Washroom Accessories including: